Prediksi Gurita "Octopus Paul" : Spanyol menang

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prediksi gurita jerman vs spanyol image
Prediksi gurita octopus paul image

If you confused who Paul is and what fake image I am talking about, read this.

With no further delay, behold the new picture of Paul the Octopus’s latest prediction. Yes, he thinks that Spain will sink the 3-times World Champions to advance to the finals. The official words come from the Oberhausen’s Sea Life Aquarium on Tuesday.

“Paul has decided that Spain will win,” Fey said in a phone interview. “But — and that’s a big but — Paul got it wrong only one time and that was also a game between Germany and Spain, therefore we think he just simply can’t get it right when it comes to this combination.”

Paul’s predictions in this world cup have been accurate and flawless. The officials have said that Paul will be predicting the finals even IF the Germans win their match against Spain. But will they win??

Let me know about your views regarding this.

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